Traditional Vs. Laser Assisted Liposuction

In today’s world it is not uncommon for people to have some form of cosmetic surgery in order to fix one or more imperfections in their body. People will judge others solely on their looks and self esteem problems will arise from those of use who are not happy with our teeth, breasts, or hips.

One of the most common cosmetic procedures is liposuction. This is used to remove excess fat in different areas of the body and to help the person to appear smaller than what they were and to tighten any loose skin. Discover the vast differences between traditional and laser assisted liposuction.

The biggest difference in the procedures are the side effects that one might experience if something happens to go wrong. The most common and deadly side effect that can occur in both is the puncture of a surrounding organ. The risk of this happening is much higher in a traditional procedure because the doctor is literally pushing a long tube inside of your body.

During laser assisted liposuction the doctor is using a highly concentrated beam of light to vaporize the fat. The incision made for the laser is a great deal smaller and the organs are a whole lot safer. Also the amount of scarring left behind when the incision has been closed is smaller and less noticeable when the laser is being used.

In a traditional procedure the surgeon will have to give you general anesthesia. This can increase the amount of money that you spend and will also increase the chance that you will have of experiencing postoperative complications. This can cause death in 1 out of 100,000 patients.

In the laser procedure you will be given a local numbing anesthesia. This means that you will be awake and alert throughout the whole thing – but unable to feel any pain. You can keep an eye (sort of) on what the surgeon is doing and ask them any questions you want. There is some discomfort with this – but it greatly decreases the risk of having future medical problems. It also keeps you from having to stay overnight.

The surgeon uses a long tube and inserts it into your body before sucking out the excess fat. When they are done your body will bleed, bruise, and swell. This makes for an uncomfortable and rather painful recovery process. However with laser liposuction a small incision is made and smaller instruments are used. The amount of bleeding and bruising is greatly minimized.