Laser Liposuction Risks

Many people will choose to do the laser assisted liposuction because it doesn’t take as long and does not require as much work during the procedure. However, like with any medical procedure you must be made aware of the different risks that can occur during and after the process is completed.

  • An incision must be made in order for the doctor to remove the excess fat inside of the abdomen – which means there will be some blood. This particular procedure usually produces less blood than the traditional. However, there are some cases in which the bleeding can become worse while the doctor is operating.
  • An infection might occur on the area where the incision was made or underneath the skin.
  • The laser instrument used to complete the procedure could cause burns on the surface of the skins
  • The most common side effects are bruising and swelling. This is to be expected because you have torn your skin open slightly and you are trying to remove fat in a way that your body is not used to. If this does not go away after a couple of weeks than you should contact your doctor.
  • Numbness can occur and is often caused when there is damage to the nerves. This is a common symptom in any cosmetic procedure.
  • This procedure often helps people to lose lumps, wavy lines, and dimples in their stomach. However, there are times when the same person will lose some weight after the procedure and deformities will occur.
  • Loose skin is another common risk. This is one that does not often occur with laser assisted liposuction because it will have a better chance of tightening the skin.
  • Damage to the organs is the biggest and most deadly risk that you will be taking. This is especially true when the doctor is working on the stomach, buttocks, and back.

You should speak with your doctor concerning all of these risks. Have them explain to you how each one is caused, what percentage of people have these problems, and how many of their patients have had problems after a procedure.