How It Works

Wouldn’t it be great if we could lose weight quickly? There is a procedure that we can do that can accomplish this very thing. Liposuction is a popular procedure that many people have used for just this purpose. Most people are reluctant to have it done because they don’t want to have a complicated surgery. That is when they turn to the laser assisted liposuction.

This technique is said to be both safe and effective. It has been used all over parts of Europe and South America for nearly a decade and with very few problems. The FDA has recently approved the procedure in the U.S. and already celebrities have taken advantage of it. So how does it work?

During a normal liposuction procedure the doctor will make an incision and insert a tube into the body. This tube is what will essentially vacuum the fat out of the body. The problem with this is that it can cause tissue trauma, bruising, and pain.

Laser assisted liposuction takes things to a whole new level. During the procedure the fat is first melted away and then removed. To start off the doctor will focus low energy beams onto a section of the body. This will penetrate the skin and help to weaken the membrane of the cells that hold the fat in place.

The doctor will than make a small incision and will then insert a tiny instrument called the cannula. The cannula will suck out the fat from the surrounding area. They will then reset the laser for optimal pain management relief. They will use a combination of heat and light to cauterize the blood vessels and tissues. This helps to minimize any bleeding, bruising, and swelling.